Nurture Growth Fund
Nurture Growth Fund
You plant a seed, We help nurture!

You plant a seed, we help nurture.

We believe that financial returns and societal returns can exist together. We are here to create positive outcomes for society and and positive returns for you and the organization.

About the Firm

You plant a seed, we help nurture.

Nurture Growth Fund is launching a $5M seed stage fund in the US to back AI based companies with operations in US and/or India, on the heels of our successful investment in 17 such companies in the last 3 years that have seen on average 4.6x equity multiples.

We are uniquely positioned to grow the companies we invest into and return strong financial returns for our investors. We invest at seed stage in US-India economy in the area of AI, HealthTech and FinTech. 
Our focus areas
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • HealthTech
  • FinTech

Meet Our Team

Shashi Tripathi

Managing Partner

Anar Pitre

Managing Partner
Why us?

Uniquely positioned for great financial returns..

Lets join with our experience team to plant a seed and then nurture it to grow..
  • Seasoned Partners with cumulative >100 yrs in technology; Top advisors
  • Focus on disruptive tech; B2B (Bright spots)
  • Collaboration with Rockstar Founders; Access to Top Accelerators
  • Disciplined rigorous Due Diligence; creative term structuring
  • Connections to most exclusive networks in US and India: McKinsey, IIT, Bain, Cornell, VCLabs, HK/SIN universities
  • Operational oversight: Board positions; Strong relationships with Management
  • Specialized focus on US-India companies- mature VC ecosystems in US and fastest growth in India
  • Nurture mindset: innovative, collaborative networks

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